At Johannesburg Physio we are single minded about helping you get back into the game as fast as possible. Our aim is to offer first class treatment service in a first world healthcare environment to ensure that everyone benefits from the best care possible. We adopt a hands-on treatment approach that includes a complete assessment, diagnosis and treatment plan enabling our patients to get pain relief and back to full function as soon as possible.

Physiotherapy has undergone revolutionary changes in the last decade where the focus of healing is now centred on treating the cause of a condition rather than the signs and symptoms. The consensus is that we feel this approach will have longer lasting benefits to the patient and actually reduce the length of time he/she spends on the treatment bed.

This philosophy encapsulates our goals at the Johannesburg Physio. Our physiotherapists have an unrivalled reputation for successfully treating sports people from the elite athlete to the novice at school level. The real world experience we have gained from treating professional sports teams such as the Golden Lions, Springbok U18 and U21 and UJ Athletics amongst others qualifies us to help you at whatever level of competition you compete at.