Our last match against The Springboks in SA I suffered an injury. The pain was a major problem and so i got in contact with Basheer who’s hands on treatment is just a remarkable form of physiotherapy. Thanks Basheer, the assistance was much appreciated!

I’ve had my fair share of injuries and disappointments on the way to becoming one of South Africa’s top athletes. In 2011, a grade 1 hamstring tear almost ended my running career. However, with the dedication and the encouragement of my coach and proper rehabilitation and strength training, I was able to come back even stronger than before. Since then, I am fortunate to have excelled and set new records and currently am the only man in athletic history to have run the 100m in under 10secs, the 200m in under 20secs and the 400m in under 45secs. A big shout out to both Preven and Basheer at Johannesburg physio who have helped me with my preparation for the Olympics. Extremely proud and grateful to be representing South Africa at the upcoming Rio Olympic games 2016. I look forward to the opportunity to bring home medals for my country. Wayde

As you are aware, playing rugby for one of our provincial teams and for the springboks requires that we keep our bodies at peak fitness so that we can perform at our best. So when injuries happen, we need the very best care to get back into the game as fast as possible. That’s where I needed to make sure that I had the best health care team on my side! I highly recommend the team of physiotherapists at Johannesburg physio. Ashwin Willemse

In sports, injuries are something we cannot control when or how they come no matter the precaution we as athletes take. However, with proper recovery and passionate professional’s make the process better. Thank you to the team at Jhb Physio for helping my recoveries!

My daily training regimen is extremely rigorous especially leading up to a competition. Often we can pick up strains or muscle problems which need specialist care to deal with and to minimise the rehabilitation periods… I’m grateful to Basheer and to Johannesburg physio for all the treatments and help overcoming my injury. Thanks Shanti

As an EFC fighter, my body needs to be fit and supple to deal with the many fighting disciplines that I have to master to compete at the highest levels in mixed martial arts (MMA). Needless to say, as fighters we pick up strains and injuries on a fairly regular basis. Just want to thank Basheer who has treated my injuries and helped me get ready for my EFC fights. Thanks doc Rodriquez

I’ve been going to Johannesburg physio for well over 10 years now. They have helped me through my rugby, football and gym related injuries. I’ve been through plenty of torn muscles, strained ligaments, and various other muscle injuries. I have been able to cut my recovery time down dramatically and felt that each time I’ve come back stronger and faster. Recently I experienced a grade 2 hamstring tear playing football and through Preven’s expert therapy and knowledge, I was able to decrease my recovery length by about 2 weeks. I think this is because Preven, Basheer and the team at Johannesburg physio have spent so much time working with professional teams and athletes. I highly recommend that if you pick up any kind of injury that you give them a call. Thanks guys Kean

Thank you so much for all your help, treatments and advice in my build up to comrades 2014! I’ve struggled with a hamstring injury for months and was at a point where I was seriously wondering whether I would be able to run comrades this year. Luckily our paths crossed and following weekly treatments from you I was able to not only run comrades but also received my 3rd gold medal this year finishing in 10th position. Thank you so much for your help! Regards Julanie Basson

I have been seeing Basheer for close to a decade now, through all the years I have been working on Isidingo. There is no way I would have been able to get through the stressful work on the soap and additional movies, presenting job and theatre work without bash. before, I would panic when a stress headache loomed but now there was the assurance that bash would most definitely fix the problem and I could go back to work with a clear head. Back and neck pains were no longer a terrifying work threatening prospect. Thank you so much bash. I am ever reliant on you and ever grateful.

Represented SA at the Paralympics at the age of 19, where I placed 5th in the world in my class in long jump and broke the African record in the process. only the 3rd person in the history of my class to jump over the 6m barrier and only African ever to do so. Also placed 12th for my 100m. this year at the age of 20 I competed at the world athletics championships in Lyon France and I placed 3rd in the world for my long jump, claiming SAS first medal and also progressed to the final of 100m, meaning top 8 in the world, sadly I didn’t finish because of a strained hamstring. Andrea Dalle Ave

I have an affinity for sports that are harsh on my body. From rugby to high level powerlifting, I have put my body through its fair share of trauma. I train fourteen hours a week and compete in powerlifting meets multiple times a year. I honestly do believe I would have fallen to pieces without the top notch physios at Johannesburg physio. I would like to say a big thank you to Prev, Bash and Mandy for sorting out my injuries and niggles over the last few years. They are truly the best at what they do and I recommend them highly to anyone with any sort of ailment or injury. Colours were awarded for junior powerlifting. I recently competed in Russia and achieved a silver medal and a commonwealth record in the deadlift with 255kg. I am so grateful that a friend of mine gave me your details and encouraged me to come and see you. Robert walker

Thanks to the team at Johannesburg physio, I am able to keep up with my busy schedule performing at gigs around the country, writing and composing and producing my music cd’s. The music industry is very demanding and long hours of practice, hectic schedules and late nights take their toll on the body. I can’t afford to battle with injuries and strains. That’s where my physios earn their keep. Thanks guys for the great service. Rocco de Villiers

To keep in shape and to continue competing at the highest level representing my country, takes a huge amount of discipline and practice. The hours and hours spent on the track and in the gym puts a lot of strain on my body. I’m grateful that I have a team of physiotherapists around me that help me to achieve the physical fitness levels that my sport of long jumping demands. It’s also great to deal with physios that have so much experience treating top sports men and women! Thanks guys – much appreciated. Zarck

That’s me in the black gear. Coming to South Africa and not being able to snow ski made me fall in love with endurance sport. All the achievements would not be possible without my sports physiotherapist Basheer Mohamed. Bash has been nursing my many injuries over the past couple of years and will be part of my success locally and abroad. Basheer’s vast experience gained from the Gauteng lion rugby union comes in handy in preparation for competition in endurance events. He is always able to advise on special stretches or the use of exercise devices to address certain physical requirements. His personal passion and understanding in all sports disciplines makes it easy for him to understand a hobby sportsman like myself. I herewith would like to thank Basheer for all the help and assistance he has provided for me over the past few years. It’s great to know that I have him in my corner while preparing for my upcoming events. I have no hesitation in recommending him and his practice to anyone who is in need for outstanding physiotherapy. Manfred Reinhart

I went to see Basheer Mohamed in great pain and while I can’t say the treatment is enjoyable (muscle pain and needles aren’t my idea of fun :)) – the results are incredible. Bash is a brilliant physio who is a great authority on all things to do with muscles and pain and anything else that can go wrong especially with exercise. His diagnosis was spot on and the treatment incredibly effective. The physio massages are so targeted and efficient that I wish I hadn’t wasted time going to anyone else before this. Thank you for your great work… Debora Patta

Dear Basheer I am so grateful that a friend of mine gave me your details and encouraged me to come and see you. Have had back ache for such a long time and that, after seeing chiro after biokinetist after physio for an entire year! None of the treatments have been lasting. I would get relief for a day or so and then would be back at square one. A year ago I slipped on wet tiles and fell on my back hurting my L3, L5. I was training for the two oceans marathon and was determined to keep going. Eventually I couldn’t live with the pain any longer and gave up on my dream. I cannot believe that after just 5 sessions with you I now no longer have any pain down my leg and I even danced in high heels and had no discomfort the following day. For me this is a true miracle that I may possibly be able to put on my trainers and go for a run again. I have always loved my exercise and for the first time ever I have not been able to do anything besides gentle Pilates for an entire year. I can’t explain how relieved and happy I am I found you! Thank you so much for what you have done. I would recommend you to anyone who is looking for treatment and would stand by my word as I have first-hand experience of your god given talent to really bring about an enormous shift in someone’s healing process. Thank you once again. Always grateful, Amy Kleinhans-curd